ILLUSTRATION & DESIGN: Custom illustrations for all media.

INDUSTRIAL ILLUSTRATIONS: New and non-existing industrial designs from aircraft to industrial facilities and architectural renderings.

POSTER PRESENTATIONS: "Bigger is better" actually doesapply when presenting concepts and/or generating confidence in a business. Foam backing for free-standing or roll-up for shipping in tubes are standard procedure. I love large, exciting images, and vector technology lends itself greatly to that!

LOGOS: A custom logo is probably the most daunting undertaking for a new or existing business (upgrade). The way I view this: I'm designing a face in which you will wear in the public and business world. It's the first visage everyone will be impacted by, and you MUST feel confident with your image not only in the present, but all future scenarios where you may not have the luxury of selling your wares through personal association. It's your stand-alone representative, so we will work together to create "the face" you can be proud of and confident in. I start the process by recording your most visceral concerns and listen carefully. If there already exists a design that you have in mind, I will gladly allow it "influence" your final product in that way. The process will involve back-and-forth emailing until you are satisfied.

BROCHURES & BUSINESS CARDS: Coordinating a corporate design into a unified look from logo to all collateral materials.

THE PROCESS: Is expedited by photos and text (mail or email attached) by client. General instructions are all that is necessary to get the wheels rolling. Proofs of progress will be sent at critical points or when client requests them. A 50% down, 50% upon completion is the required payment in most cases.

VECTOR GENERATED IMAGES are cost effective -- easily edited and updated for future applications. The same illustrations used in a poster format, for example, can be easily resized and formatted for use in brochures, magazines, website and newspaper ads -- full color or B/W. Vector images never diminish in quality, as they are resolution independent, crisp and vivid.



Artists, as those in all professions, have varying temperaments, abilities and specialties. Some even take deadlines seriously! We all have niche strengths, and this site should address most questions simply by viewing the samples. I will be glad to personally answer further questions about pricing and scheduling.